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Teamfight Tactics: 9.14b patch features buffs to Ahri, Mordekaiser and Wild class; nerfs to Tristana and Volibear; bug fixes and more

Teamfight Tactics sees some much needed changes in this week’s 9.14b patch.

Riot Games’ blazing hot autochess game spawned from League of Legends will be implementing weekly patches for the forseeable future and the latest patch, 9.14b, will see buffs to Ahri and the Wild class, which should make going Wild far more interesting in general; a much needed buff to Mordekaiser; a buff to Poppy; a buff to the Morellonomicon item; and a buff to the Sorcerer class, who could use help with unit buffs and counters against the Dragon class.

Nerfs include Tristana, which seems unnecessary, as Cursed Blade is probably the problem and not her; a needed nerf to Volibear; a nerf to Locket, which may highlight the need for Riot to just nerf stacking items; a nerf to the Assassin class, who probably need to see a decrease in damage; a nerf to the Elementalist class, who are very strong at the moment; and bug fixes to Raptors, Guardians and Redemption.

According to Principal Game Designer Riot Mort, Raptors will now always drop a loot box, Guardian Angel will now always properly trigger, Redemption will properly be 1000 HP, not 1000% HP, and Guardian will still give the buff after the guardians die.

What do you think of the changes being implemented to Teamfight Tactics in the 9.14b patch? Let us know in the comments.


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