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Blizzard officially unveils Sigma, Overwatch’s 31st hero

The leaked hero name gains a face.

Sigma has been officially announced as Overwatch’s 31st hero.

Blizzard tells us that Sigma is “an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware that he is being used as a living weapon.” The two-minute video detailing Sigma’s origin story is easily the most disturbing that we’ve seen for any hero thus far.

Yesterday we caught our first glimpse of today’s video when Blizzard released a 14-second teaser clip of an orange and black jumpsuit with a name tag reading “Subject Σ,” aka subject Sigma. During the piano music can be heard, what players believe to be Gnossienne No.1 by Erik Satie, is softly playing before abruptly cutting to blaring alarms.

Sigma ending up in his current dire straights after an experiment to harness the power of a black hole went wrong, resulting in the astrophysicist losing his mind and gaining (what we assume to be) gravity based abilities. As he’s wheeled through the hospital while strapped to a gurney he incoherently mumbles “gravity is a harness” and “harnessed the harness,” while the video randomly shifts to his experiment and later Sigma covered in armor surrounded by floating rocks and debris.

At the 1:47 mark Moira, Sombra, Reaper and Widowmaker are all seen surrounding Sigma. Thus it’s very likely that not only did Talon bust Sigma out of prison, but they’re also the group who’s using the astrophysicist as a weapon.

Players should expect Sigma on the Public Test Realm (PTR) soon.


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