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Fearless #1 Review

Fearless is fun and inspiring.

Fearless is a new Marvel Comics series featuring three stories all crafted by female creators. It’s a cool way to highlight key characters as well as give female creators a premier focus. In its first iteration, Captain Marvel, Storm, Invisible Woman, and even more heroes get a chance to shine.

So what’s it about?

Read the preview.

Why does this matter?

The creator line up is quite strong with this one. Seanan McGuire, Leah Williams, Kelly Thompson, Carmen Carnero…I mean those names are enough to make this a buy-on-sight for most.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The art in the second story is so beautifully colored!
Credit: Marvel Comics

The first story here is called “Campfire Song” and it’s the first part of a longer story. This story features Captain Marvel, Storm, and Invisible Woman, all of which are reflecting on giving a speech to inspire kids at camp Gloriana in Maine. Seanan McGuire establishes each character and their worries and thoughts on what they are about to do very well. She has a way with dialogue that makes you pay attention. By the end, you’ll be curious how these heroes will come together and what that means. There are subtle hints at what might be going on to making it a bit of a mystery. The art is by Claire Roe with colors by Rachelle Rosenberg and both do an exceptional job with four very different locations. Roe does a great job with Mr. Fantastic, who is strangely elongating throughout the scene he has with Invisible Woman. Storm is fierce in her scene and hard to look away from. 

Next up is “Style High Club” created by Leah Williams, Nina Vakueva, and Rachelle Rosenberg. This story features Millie the Model, a character I had to look up, who hasn’t been around since the ’70s. She’s a Stan Lee creation who helps a newer model named Daisy get the hang of things both literally and figuratively as they model on wires over a high distance. The colors absolutely sing with a watercolor look that’s delightful. The story here — basically two models connecting against a supermodel who is quite awful — is light and fun. You’ll keep your attention on the characters thanks to the art and their realistic feel. The final page is great too and a nice payoff for what we’ve been seeing transpire. 

The final story entitled “Unusual Suspects” is by Kelly Thompson with art by Carmen Carnero and colors by Tamra Bonvillain. This is a short (three pages!) but a sweet little story involving Jessica Jones and another character. The final page is seriously poster-worthy stuff and it should have any fan of X-Babies and that sort of style over the moon. I really dig the back and forth between Elsa and Jessica, but at this point, it’s a given Thomspon’s dialogue is going to sing.

The book is wrapped up with three pages devoted to three of the creators each asked a few questions. It’s a great touch as it lets us get to know them and it’s also inspiring. I could see a little kid pick this up, read and love the book, and then feel a connection to the creators with the final few pages.

The last story is only 3 pages but wow is that last page great.
Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect, can it?

Aside from having no idea who Millie the Model was, this was a solid read especially if you love anthologies. Millie is certainly an out-of-left-field sort of pick, but it’s a nice story nonetheless. I did find an awkward bit of art here or there (Invisible Woman threw me off once or twice), but it’s a good read if you’re looking for a few different stories to enjoy.

Is it good?

Pick this one up for three interesting stories, all different from one another, but great in their own right. Fearless is fun and inspiring.

Fearless #1
Is it good?
Pick this one up for three interesting stories, all different from one another, but great in their own right. Fearless is fun and inspiring.
Three solid stories, each very different from one another
Each artist brings their A-game
Inspiring interviews at the end
I had no idea who Millie was and was desperately wondering what her super power would end up being. Go in with no super-hero expectations!

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