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Green Lantern: Jessica Cruz cosplay by Kamiko Zero

One of the newest and most interesting inductees into the Green Lantern Corps, Jessica Cruz, comes to life courtesy of Kamiko Zero.

“Out here, we’re beings who overcame great fear to battle back evil’s might with emerald light, no matter how brighter the day or how dark the night. Back home? We’re two brown people with bad resumes.”

Jessica Cruz, one of the latest and most interesting characters to assume the mantle of Green Lantern comes to life in the following photoset courtesy of Russian cosplayer Kamiko Zero.

Jessica Cruz was created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Scriver and first appeared in the pages of Green Lantern in a cameo appearance in issue #20. Her first full appearance was in Justice League #31. She is confirmed by DC Comics as a “dual national Mexican American Latina/Hispanic [who[ currently resides in Portland, Oregon.”

Besides her amazing ability to proficiently wield the Green Lantern Power Ring, Jessica is also an adept survivalist who was able to survive for three years in the wilderness by herself.

Want to learn more about Jessica Cruz’ origin and path to becoming a Green Lantern? Watch this video from ComicIsland:

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