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Overwatch surpasses $1 billion through in-game spending

Here comes the money.

There’s a lot happening with Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch these days. The game is currently going through a core fundamental gameplay shift in the form of role queue, the yearly Summer Games have begun, and the game’s 31st hero — Sigma — was just revealed.

Overwatch’s esport branch — Overwatch League — is also in the midst of its second season and continues to surpass all expectations. So it’s safe to say that the wildly popular first person shooter shows no signs of slowing down, and today that opinion becomes further cemented.

According to a report out of Nielsen’s SuperData Research, Overwatch has surpassed over $1 billion from in-game spending, making it the 64th game on console, PC or mobile to hit this milestone from solely in-game content. This marks the sixth time an Activision Blizzard IP has hit this mark, following World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Candy Crush, Destiny and Call of Duty. 

In the first year of Overwatch’s release Blizzard reported over $1 billion in revenue, yet another Activision Blizzard milestone, becoming its eighth property to do so.

Loot boxes and in-game purchases are one of the largest areas of concern within the gaming community today. Yet with over 40 million players after just two years, Blizzard has managed to avoid heavy criticism in this regard. The reason being, the vast majority of their in-game purchasable items are purely cosmetic.

Companies typically find themselves in the hot seat when their in-game purchases allow the players who make the purchases to gain advantage over those that do not. EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront titles have frequently been at the forefront of such criticisms.


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