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New ‘Tomie’ show coming to Quibi

From ‘Crawl’s’ Alexandre Aja.

When it comes to horror, I really like when there’s a different take, one I get so excited about, you can hear it in my voice when I talk about it. That’s definitely been the case for me watching the Junji Ito Collection anime, a series bursting at the seams with impactful, chilling horror.

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A lot of the time, you can see it simply in Ito’s art, with some really disturbing images. For anyone wanting to get more of Ito’s horror. you need look no further than TomieIn it, a beautiful high-school girl goes missing, with pieces of her body scattered through a slight town. But things take a far darker turn as her murder’s investigated, making you realize… there is no escape from Tomie.

Alexandre Aja is directing a new adaptation of Tomie for the upcoming streaming platform Quibi. Aja recently directed Crawl, where a young woman had to save herself and her father from their flooding house, alligators… and a hurricane. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, co-writer of 2018’s Aquaman, will write and Executive Produce the series.

I’d definitely keep a lookout for Tomie, for some especially unique, memorable horror.

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