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Duvernay confirms Darkseid and Furies for ‘New Gods’

Darkseid IS.. in ‘New Gods’


Just two weeks ago, Marvel Studios revealed the main cast for their upcoming Eternals movie, based on the comics by Jack ‘King’ Kirby. But they’re not the only ones diving into the expansive cosmos Kirby created, as When They See Us creator Ava DuVernay and Mister Miracle scribe Tom King are working together on a New Gods movie.

Ava DuVernay revealed some pretty interesting things about the film on Twitter under #AskAva, most tantalizingly that the granite faced Darkseid would appear. This would be the first time the Apokoliptan leader has appeared in a live action film, with his Uncle, Steppenwolf, serving as the villain of 2017’s Justice League.

As well as this, DuVernay also confirmed Darkseid’s elite strike force, the Female Furies, saying:

Ava revealed some other interesting things about the film, as well discussing When They See Us, her favourite Golden Girl, her Black History education and much more, which you can find here.


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