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Skyrim: Nightingale cosplay by Soylent

This Nightingale costume by Soylent is so on-point you’ll be wondering if it’s fact or fiction.

“Our trinity serves the Lady Nocturnal, the Empress of Murk and the Daughter of Twilight. We believe her to be our patron, if not the patron of all thieves worldwide. We serve her without prayer, without charity and without celebration.”

Do these pictures of cosplayer Soylent actually exist? She looks so much like the mysterious, rumored-to-exist, inner circle of thieves, the Nightingales from Skyrim lore that we’re not sure what to believe. All we know is she did a damn fine job with the costume.

According to the Elder Scrolls Wiki, Nightingales are gifted with powers from the Nocturnal called Agents. There are three types of known Agents: Agents of Stealth (crescent moon), who are expert infiltrators and use the darkness to conceal themselves at all times; Agents of Subterfuge, who use the darkness to confuse others’ thoughts and judgement; and Agents of Strife, who use the darkness for their own benefit. “They are granted the power of Nightingale Strife that creates a cord between them and their foes. This cord draws health from said foe while giving health to the Agent.”

Like Soylent’s Nightingale cosplay? Check out some of her cosplay/makeup tutorials on YouTube.


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