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Fight Club 3 #7 review: easy pickings

This issue has developments that help drive the characters forward.

Unfortunately I missed nitpicking #6—but now I’m back. This time around the Narrator and Tyler Durden are taking the fight against Die Off to the streets.

First off, the Ask Miss Information segment is exceedingly confusing. We open with a letter from a guy who signs as “Alex Jones Was Right,” who wishes comics would go back to showing clear good and evil, which would imply a conservative bent. But most of the letter is charging that Fight Club 3 is inciting violence because of the terrorism associated with the series, which sounds like the concern of a liberal. Is that the point?

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Remember all that painting jazz that’s been in the background this whole series? Well, now the Mona Lisa is involved. While it was fantastic to finally see how truly epic the painting saga is in #6, it’s a shame to be given so little once again.

But I can’t get too mad, because the majority of this issue deals with Tyler trying to seduce a girl at a bar that every other Die Off member is gunning for. Things get fouled up, forcing the Narrator to try, which goes about as well as you can expect. Thankfully these developments help drive the characters forward as well as the world-building. I’ve complained before that Palahniuk has kept forgetting about the global effects of Die Off, but seeing how it affects the dating scene is a good way to illustrate its reach.

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The way Palahniuk has dealt with the Narrator’s son has always been weird. And now apparently he’s roaming around stabbing people and going to be possessed by Tyler? It’s quite confusing and highlights how the kid has continually been on the backburner only to be yanked into crazy developments suddenly.

Cameron Stewart’s art is always a highlight, and although he’s not given a lot of scale to work with, he’s really pulling out some cartoonist chops. Since this issue has a lot of cringe comedy about picking up chicks, he takes relish in illustrating the nervous, horny faces of the bar patrons.

Fight Club 3 #7 review: easy pickings
Is it good?
Overall, I fear the pacing of Fight Club 3 is a mess. But each issue is an enjoyably anarchic experience.
Cameron Stewart's art (particularly his expressions).
Pick-up plot reveals character and ultimately moves the plot toward a game-changing ending.
Confusing developments and segments.

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