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Batman: The Animated Series: Catwoman cosplay by Robin Cyn

This Batman: TAS Catwoman cosplay by Robin Cyn is about as purr-fect as it gets.

“I am the cat who walks by herself.”

We’re big stans of Batman: The Animated Series (as most comic book fans are), so it didn’t take much purr-suading to put up this amazing TAS-styled Catwoman cosplay by Robin Cyn. Robin nails the cartoon Catwoman’s look, from the sleek gray catsuit to the gold, metal belt to the matching black gloves and boots. Meow!

Catwoman was voiced by Adrienne Barbeau in the animated series. Her first appearance was in The Cat and the Claw Part I, also the first episode to air on television.

Catwoman’s trusted pet cat in the series is named Isis.

Like Robin’s Catwoman cosplay from Batman: The Animated Series? Check out her Chun-Li from Street Fighter or her Elastigirl from The Incredibles.

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