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Adventures in Movies!

Adventures in Movies! Episode 28: This episode is based on true events.

Everything you hear in this episode aside from the lies are true.

This episode is based on true events. Danny and Nathaniel were two friends that entered the already glutted movie podcast genre. There were some early growing pains, but the two had settled into a nice grove. When Blake came on as a special guest, it brought back fond memories. When he joined as a regular host on the show, no one expected what would happen next.

The regularly scheduled episode started with movie news. Disney sets another record, why seeing Reservoir Dogs at a flm festival is not always a good idea, and Blake and Nathaniel discuss the trailer for The Lighthouse.

The show went as normally planned with the trio discussing the movies they had seen the previous week. For some reason Nathaniel felt the need to watch and talk about Airplane!, before moving on to talk about a movie about a serial killer.

Coincidentally, Danny also saw a movie involving a serial killer. But how does everything tie into his hair and Queer Eye? Why did Blake watch a movie Danny hated? And why did he take Nathaniel’s wife to watch another one?

As strange as it my seem, the three talk about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In an odd turn of events, they all saw the movie on three consecutive days, but on their own.

The boys ended this show by talking about true crime documentaries and movies. Gypsy Rose and Jack the Ripper make sense, but why did the discussion turn to John Holmes and Hogan’s Hereoes?

Will Danny be here next week?

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Adventures in Movies! is hosted by Nathaniel Muir, Blake, and Danny. You can find Nathaniel on Instagram at nathaninpoortaste. Danny can be found on Twitter @default_player and on Instagram at default_player. Blake can be found on Twitter @foureyedhorror and on Instagram at foureyedhorror. You can reach us personally or on Twitter @AiPTMovies.


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