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Samoa Joe fined by WWE following an ‘altercation’ at Pittsburgh International Airport

Not even the TSA can keep you safe from Samoa Joe.

The plot surrounding Roman Reigns’ mystery attacker has once again thickened.

While leaving the airport today Samoa Joe was approached by a WWE producer to ask if he was the one operating the forklift that nearly caused Roman Reigns severe bodily harm. Joe, no fan of the internet and people in general, unsurprisingly didn’t react well. You can see the altercation below.

For smacking the producer’s camera out of his hands, WWE is fining Joe an “undisclosed amount.” While this is blatantly kayfabe, it’s almost surprisingly that WWE is investing so much energy into such a ridiculously poor executed segment.

WWE issued this statement in reaction to the event:

Samoa Joe has been fined an undisclosed amount by WWE due to his behavior earlier today at Pittsburgh International Airport.

When asked by a WWE producer if he was responsible for the forklift incident that nearly injured Roman Reigns this past Tuesday night on SmackDown LIVE, Joe responded aggressively and knocked the phone out of the producer’s hand.

We’ll more than likely see a reaction out of Joe on RAW tonight and even if we don’t, the story is likely to further develop. Be sure to follow along with us on Twitter tonight, we’ll be live tweeting the show.


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