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Crowded #8 review: What happens in Vegas…well, you know the rest

Vita and Charlie are laying low from everyone trying to kill them in Vegas. What’s the worst that can happen?

Our favorite bumbling buddy duo returns as Vita and Charlie try to lay low in Vegas. Crowded #8 finds them looking for a safe haven while they track down the mysterious culprit behind the now TWO million dollar bounty for Charlie’s life on the Reapr app. To make matters worse for them, a female assailant named Circe is close on their trail. Is she friend, foe, or just trying to cash in on the money? Writer Christopher Sebela (Heartthrob) and artists Ro Stein with Ted Brandt return to deliver the second volume of their hilarious contract killer, technology-used-brutally-wrong story, in Crowded #8.

The Writing

Christopher Sebela doesn’t miss a beat jumping right back into the humorous survival antics that made the first volume so much fun to read. Only this time around, we receive a smidge of backstory about Vita Slatter who was a bit of a mystery in the first volume. It’s great to see these two characters start to let their guard down and bond with one another. It’ll be interesting to see what shenanigans Sebela has in store for Vita and Charlie as the story continues to unfold if they can stay alive long enough.

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The Line Duo of Ro Stein and Ted Brandt

Stein and Brandt do a phenomenal job at taking their line art to the next level in this issue. They give a clear distinction of what panels are past or present. One of my favorite pages from this issue involves a fashion montage with Charlie trying different outfits on Vita; classic moment. It truly shows they’re not only amazing storytellers but both have a great sense of humor.

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Stayin’ Alive

Crowded #8 is a great start to Sebela’s second chapter. The dialogue, pacing, and action are right on point. Stein and Brandt continue to add their fun, but highly expressive artwork, which really brings it all to life. If you like mysteries or survival comics then you’ll definitely want to check out Crowded #8.

Crowded #8
Is it good?
Crowded #8 is a strong issue that takes our two main protagonists to the bright lights of Vegas.
Good pacing
Leaves a lot to the imagination
Solid dialogue
Fun read

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