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Future Foundation #1 review

The Future Foundation, created by Jonathan Hickman almost a decade ago, was a delightful group of some of the best and brightest young Marvel characters. Until a year ago, they had been missing from the comics for years, with fans clamoring for their return alongside that of the Fantastic Four. Now, a year after their return in Fantastic Four #2, the members of the Future Foundation (minus the Richards kids) are finally starring in their own ongoing series. Also featuring the return of Julie Power, Whitley and Robson’s new #1 is a fun romp that does a great job reintroducing this utterly delightful team.

From the very beginning, Whitley reintroduces the cast of the book, including its more recent additions. Every character’s voice is distinct, and their roles on the team are defined well without being restrictive or reducing anyone to one niche. The characters’ interactions get across the varying relationships each one has with the rest of the team – Alex is the leader and kind of the team dad, Bentley is the rebellious child who everyone knows is quite rambunctious, and everyone loves Dragon Man. From a character writing standpoint, Whitley is doing an excellent job, and showing what makes each individual character fun to read.

Will Robson’s art is fun, but it’s a weaker part of the issue. The cartoony style gets the tone of the issue across incredibly well, but the way he draws certain characters coupled with the massive time skip that the Future Foundation underwent during their absence results in these characters really looking off, Artie being the most notable of the bunch. It’s still very fun and dynamic, and Robson’s depiction of everyone’s powers is a blast. Everyone looks distinctive and unique, and the body language and facial expressions work incredibly well with Robson’s exaggerated cartoony style.

The real highlight of the issue is its plot. It involves a prison break and heist, and gives each member of the team a chance to shine in their own light. Everyone brings something to the table, and it’s quite fun to see the team all working in harmony from the start, even with slight hitches here and there. The adventure remains a delightful romp leading into the end of the issue, which has a reveal that will hook readers right away.

The Future Foundation is a fairly recent addition to Marvel’s teams, but they are a natural addition to the universe that have felt like they belonged from their inception. Whitley and Robson have delivered a wonderful return for the team, showing exactly what makes them stand out from the rest of the universe and why they’re so fun to read. The ending of the issue gives it a direction moving forward, and everything that comes before it gives readers a lot of reasons to keep reading.

Future Foundation #1
Is it good?
Whitley and Robson have delivered a wonderful return for the team, showing exactly what makes them stand out from the rest of the universe and why they’re so fun to read.
The character writing is excellent, making each character unique and entertaining, and having them bounce off of each other in delightful ways.
The plot of the issue is really fun from beginning to end, and ends on a cliffhanger that provides a very concrete direction for the next issue.
Robson's art matches the tone of the writing and is expressive and fun.
Robson draws certain characters in a way that feels off.

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