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New ‘Pokemon: Sword & Shield’ trailer brings new forms and a new team

Today’s Pokemon Direct gives us more glimpses into what we’ll see in November.

On August 7th, The Pokemon Company released a new video to announce some new things coming to Generation 8 of Pokemon. Let’s have a quick look at what we will be seeing this November.

In the video, Galarian Forms were finally unleashed, a feature I personally wanted to see after how incredible and fun the Alolan Form Pokemon were. First up was a rather dapper-looking Weezing, now sporting smokestack top hat-like appendages on their heads. The new Pokemon form is part Poison, part Fairy.

But more importantly is the Zigzagoon line. For the first time, non-Generation 1 Pokemon are getting their own variants. Upgrading from just Normal to Normal Dark, Zigzagoons definitely have a more KISS vibe to them in their appearance. The connection only grows with a new, region-exclusive evolution form called Obstagoon. It is certainly an interesting new addition to the Pokemon lineup.

Speaking of lineup, Morpeko is introduced, an Electric/Dark Pokemon based on a hamster that comes in two forms. There’s its standard Full Belly Mode where it is adorable and Electric. Then there is Hangry Mode, where the Pokemon switches to being mean and pure Dark. How its Ability will come into play or how it will work out remains to be seen at this time.

Then we move onto the humans. Having been missing for over a generation, we will have multiple rivals. There is Bede, a scraggly haired teen who we don’t have much to go on at this point. Then there is Marnie, a punk girl who we don’t know much about either. However, what makes her stand out is new the enemy team, Team Yell. Based on football hooligans, this is an odd group of fanboys and girls who seem to worship and follow Marnie around. In fact, during her fights, they can be seen cheering her on in the background.

While certainly a short trailer, there’s still plenty of fun to be seen here and now speculate about the future. What will our rivals be like? How will our interactions go with the new enemy team? Now that we have a Galarian Form for Zigzagoon, what other non-Gen 1 Pokemon will we see in the future?

Check out the trailer above to see the new additions for yourself and maybe spot something we may have missed.


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