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AiPT! Comics Podcast Episode 33: DC: Disheartening, X-men sales soar, and nostalgia wins

Talking weekly comic book news, the best of the week, and a look ahead to next week.

Welcome back to the official AiPT! Comics podcast where your hosts Forrest Hollingsworth and David Brooke discuss their favorite comics of last week, news, their most anticipated books out next week.

This week it’s all about sales. We talk about Jim Lee saying DC digital sales are “plateauing” and “disheartening”, how Dan Didio is concerned about nostalgia powering the comic market, that
DC promoted Marie Javins with a renewed focus on DC’s international efforts, publisher Eidelweiss lists collection of super-rare X-Men comics coming Feb. 2020, what Chris Hassan is up to at Terrificon, and a recap of Fantastic Five.

In our two special segments we break down the July 2019 comic sales numbers and in another segment Forrest defends Ghost Rider as a valid character!

Our best of the week of August 7, 2019

  1. House of X #2 (W: Jonathan Hickman, A: Pepe Larraz)
  2. Sea of Stars #2 (W: Jason Aaron, Dennis Hopeless Hallum, A: Stephen Green, and Rico Renzi)


  1. Absolute Carnage #1 (W: Donny Cates, A: Ryan Stegman)
  2. DCeased #4 (W: Tom Taylor, A: Trevor Hairsine)

Our favorite cover art for books out next week comes from Silver Surfer: Black #3  by Tradd Moore and Scream #1 by Michael Allred.

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