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Punisher Kill Krew #1 Review

Absurd but undeniably fun Punisher storytelling.

The War of the Realms may be over, but The Punisher’s work is far from finished. Armed to the teeth in a new miniseries by Gerry Duggan and Juan Ferreyra, Frank Castle is out for revenge. He’s looking to avenge the deaths of a group of children who lost their parents. Sounds pretty hardcore to me!

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Who doesn’t want to see Punisher fight monsters and travel to Jotunheim? On the surface, this is admittedly ridiculous as a Punisher story, for a character who is typically fighting against human beings in real-world scenarios, but the character just made it out alive in a war against monsters across the cosmos. Cut him some slack, crack open a beer, and see where Duggan and Ferreyra will take us!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

He loves this.
Credit: Marvel Comics

The art is the first thing that will strike you when you open up this book. Ferreyra’s style is incredibly unique and sets him apart from most. Paired with letterer Cory Petit, the two bring the narrative to you up close and personal. Layout design varies and is part of why the art is so dazzling. One double page layout, for instance, has Punisher running at us, firing his gun and screaming while frames circle him like a pinwheel, revealing how we got here. Ferreyra has a knack for stretching the double page layout design so your eye will linger and soak in what you’re seeing. The personality of Punisher shines through nicely in an opportune moment with some children. He might scream with bloody rage at times, and you feel that intensity via the facial expressions, but he also comes off as deeply human too.

The story is without a doubt going for crazy comic book plotting. This is not a story that will probe Punisher’s psychosis, but a story about reveling in putting holes in a giant. The last page says everything you need to know about the book and how it’s all about over-the-top fun. When Punisher is tossing grenades at giants and sporting some impressive headgear (check out the cover), it’s all about style. There is the admirable mission to avenge these children and that brings the narrative to its emotional core, but really it’s loud and proud comic craziness.

He looks hungry.
Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect, can it?

There are a few convenient plot elements that you’ll need to turn a blind eye to in order to enjoy this story (I won’t say what to avoid spoilers). The central conflict Punisher is attempting to quell isn’t the strongest, especially since Punisher should probably know some other hero could do a better job. There isn’t much done to make this personal for Punisher and therefore his taking this mission on seems almost foolhardy. But it’s fun comics so it’s really not something you’re supposed to be thinking about anyway.

Is it good?

A standout work by Juan Ferreyra and a truly outrageous mission for the Punisher to take on. Absurd but undeniably fun Punisher storytelling.

Punisher Kill Krew #1
Is it good?
A standout work by Juan Ferreyra and a truly outrageous mission for the Punisher to take on. Absurd but undeniably fun Punisher storytelling.
Incredibly unique and action-packed art that stretches the double page layout well
Over-the-top storytelling only comics could tell
It's the kind of wacky story, much like Fast and the Furious sequels, where you need to really bend your suspicion of disbelief, but this is comics after all, it's just a road not usually taken with Punisher

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