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Doom: Doomslayer cosplay by Scrap Shop Props

The legendary Doom Slayer comes to life courtesy of Scrap Prop Shops.

Doomguy, also known as DM1-5, DOOM Marine; The Slayer; the Doom Slayer; the Unchained Predator and the Hell Walker is the mysterious protagonist of the first-person shooter Doom series; he’s brought to life by the very talented cosplayer and costume creator Scrap Shop Props in the following photoset.

Although the Doomslayer is technically without a name, according to series creator John Romero he is meant to represent “the player itself.” In 2017, Romero stated that he was the original model of the character for the cover box art.

In the 1990s Doom novels, the main character is referred to as Flynn “Fly” Taggart.

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