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Ghosted in LA #2 review: Sometimes it’s okay to say no

Daphne reluctantly agrees to a date with a rude guy named Brint. Will she live to regret her actions?

Sina Grace and Siobhan Keenan
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What do you do when your roommate Michelle turns out to be a total toolbag? You move into a fancy house furnished with ghosts, that’s what. Writer Sina Grace (Iceman) and artist Siobhan Keenan (Clueless) invite us back for a second haunting of their lighthearted coming-of-age story called Ghosted in LA. Daphne reluctantly agrees to go on a date with a rude guy named Brint after seeing her ex Ronnie flirt with another girl. Will she live to regret her actions?

BOOM! Studios

Ghosted in LA #2 finds Daphne living amongst her new deceased friends and still making terrible judgment calls in her love life. While the first issue practically writes itself with the ingenious concept of Sina Grace introducing us to Daphne Walters as she begins her new life in LA, the second continues to focus on the ripple effects of Daphne’s poor decision-making skills and how her new spirit friends try to keep her life on track. Why do good people make stupid choices? It’s all a part of growing up.

The Writing

Sina Grace has crafted a compelling story that echoes through generations about self-discovery. The fact that he was born and raised in Los Angeles adds a nice elemental touch to his writing. He flawlessly tells a solid story about a woman who simply wants to belong. It’s such a relatable topic that I believe it helps really pulls you into the story.

I really enjoyed this issue. It’s a great combination of an old television show called Felicity, mixed with a supernatural concept. It’s a relatable story about taking chances and forging your own path. Sina Grace writes Daphne in a way that you want to see her win but you can see sometimes how she gets in her own way.  It’s a fun-loving read that’s hard to put down.

Grace and Keenan

Keenan and Grace’s incredible illustrations give a simplistic Archie meets Giant Days type of vision to the book. The character design work is breathtaking, especially the facial features. I love how you can easily differentiate who’s a ghost and who isn’t.  They also spend a good amount of detail on the facial features which really play a pivotal role in some of the actions in the story.

BOOM! Studios

The Verdict

This comic is a great read, especially for college students or anyone currently going through changes in their life. Grace does a great job tackling real-world issues and using the spiritual element of the story to drive it forward. Keenan’s linework is pretty solid for the most part with some pretty impressive flashback panels to boot. You’ll definitely want to add this one to your pull list.

Ghosted in LA #2
Is it good?
A funny and memorable engaging story about the joys and agony of dating.
Fantastic artwork
Funny and engaging
Very relatable
Solid plot

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