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Superman prequel ‘Krypton’ canceled by Syfy

The network also passes on ‘Lobo,’ but there’s still hope.

Unfortunately, the Man of Steel’s on-screen presence is continuing to dwindle, as Syfy has this week canceled Superman prequel Krypton. On average, season 2 averaged 408,000 viewers, down significantly from season 1’s 1.8 million.

Season 2 ended Wednesday, with 350,000 viewers tuning in for the finale. The network also passed on Krypton spin-off Lobo, which was set to have Emmett Scanlan reprise the role of Czarnian Lobo. Scanlan first played the Main Man in Krypton’s second season, playing the character in a number of episodes.

This might not be the end for Lobo, however, as Warner Horizon will shop the series to other outlets, so there’s a chance it could find life elsewhere, e.g. streaming service DC Universe. Lobo‘s overseen by Krypton showrunner Cameron Welsh.

Krypton was produced by David S Goyer and starred Cameron Cuffe as Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El. It was set 200 years before Kal-El’s birth, featuring mainstays like Brainiac, Doomsday and General Zod, played brilliantly by Colin Salmon (Arrow). Despite its early end, I highly recommend the series, which is really worth a watch.

Season 2 of Krypton will stream on DC Universe next year.


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