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Best of Fan Expo Boston cosplay 2019

X-Wing pilots, Overwatch heroes and trans-dimensional demons come to Fan Expo Boston.

AiPT! attended FAN EXPO Boston over the weekend and one of our biggest takeaways was the incredible amount of talented cosplayers in attendance. We took tons of pictures and met so many friendly cosplayers that were nice enough to let us feature their hard work. Enjoy!

Youngster Squadron checking in! (Look at that mustache, I love the devotion to character.)

Mei your legs are much hairier than I remember. But I love the beard! (@zimmermanjoe21)

$20 for a ride on her broom around the convention center. (@jels_cosplays)

This DPS crew is all about summer, grilling and snazzy poses.(Mei – @calistacoryn, McCree – @x.andrewmaher, Soldier76 – @hambobman)

I’m having confused feelings for Roadhog and it’s all your fault Junkenstein. (Roadhog – @chantelantoinette, Junkenstein – @papa.thatch)

Elegant, beautiful and deadly. Yup that’s Princess Azula.(@grumpy_grrl_cosplay)

Repeatedly asked if I’d seen Georgie and would be willing to try “floating” with her. Whatever that means.(@ash.goodwin)

After this photo was taken they put one tally in the You Rule column just for me! True story, I swear.(Robyn – @alexandra.kap, Steve – _caitlinrielly)

Each tattoo on his arm represents a ghost he’s killed. These guys have seen some stuff, man.(Left – @travis.gomes39, right – @klinecosplay)

Xavier is actually only here to ensure these two don’t kill each other. (Wolverine-@aestheticworkhorse, Cyclops-@christians_comics87)

What’s more dangerous? The points of Cloud’s hair or Tifa’s limit break?(Cloud – @papergauntlet, Tifa – @sabi_cat)

Only at Comic Con could two mortal foes unite. (Magneto – @atonesc, Jean – @rg1121)


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