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First Look: Moon-Thing backup story from AHOY Comics’ Bronze Age Boogie #5

In comic shops on new comic book day August 21st!

Who is MOON-THING?! He makes his debut in the backup story of BRONZE AGE BOOGIE #5 on sale next week presented by Tom Peyer and written by Stuart Moore with art by Shawn Crystal (DEADPOOL, BATMAN) and color art by Lee Loughridge.

AHOY’s grindhouse sensation puts the pedal to the metal and speeds toward a shocking climax! Barbarians vs. Martians! Father vs. son! Ape vs. certain death! All this plus a lurking horror from beneath the sea! Also, in a special back-feature with art by Shawn Crystal (Deadpool): Can you figure out WHO IS THE MOON-THING? And the customary AHOY prose stories.

Bronze Age Boogie #5
Writer: Stuart Moore
Artist: Alberto Ponticelli, Shawn Crystal
Cover: Alberto Ponticelli
Release Date: August 21, 2019


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