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Sony and Disney break up, ending Marvel’s involvement in Spider-Man movies

Mr. Feige, I don’t feel so good…

Sony and Marvel Studios have been unable to come to terms for future Spider-Man movies, effectively ending the unique partnership that resulted in beloved films Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, as well as Spidey’s appearance in the Avengers movies.

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According to a Deadline report, the disagreement unsurprisingly comes down to money, with Marvel wanting a 50/50 stake in future Spider-Man films and Sony scoffing at the idea. To quote the piece by Mike Fleming Jr, “Essentially Sony has made a decision that is similar to saying, thank you, but we think we can win the championship without Michael Jordan.”

The report states that there are two Spider-Man films in the works with director Jon Watts and star Tom Holland, but Marvel Studios maestro Kevin Feige won’t be involved in them “unless something dramatic happens.”

Marvel Studios and Sony seemed to have a good thing going with Spider-Man — the movies have been well received by audiences and critics, Tom Holland can make a strong argument for best Peter Parker ever, and it looked like the web-head was on his way to being the next Iron Man. 

Still, there has always been a caveat lurking in the shadows. Despite all the goodwill, there was always the chance that Sony could take Spidey back at any time, and now it looks like Far From Home may be the last fans see of Spider-Man in the MCU. 

Obviously, this is a financial case, but there are still plenty of questions to ask. How hard will this impact the MCU? What are Sony’s plans with the character? What will happen with Tom Holland? Will fans be willing to accept a non-MCU Spider-Man? 

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