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Young Justice: Outsiders — Episode 23: “Terminus” Review

‘Lies alter minds.’

Following a tip from an unlikely source, the team goes to rescue Violet from the clutches of Granny Goodness. Along the way, they run afoul of enemies they never expected and a vision of better days. This episode was basically a love letter to longtime fans of the series, so let’s get into some spoilers!

This week on Young Justice!

This episode wastes no time on dropping us into the middle of a mission involving the Justice League’s heaviest hitters. It’s always great to see multiple Lanterns teaming up in an episode, along with the show’s decision to remove the sound effects in the spacebound sequences. In the first of this episode’s parallels to the first season of Young Justice, Granny Goodness unleashes the Anti-Life Equation and takes control of the unexacting Leaguers. This leads to a battle against Nightwing and his team, much like when Klarion seized control of the adult heroes in the first season’s finale.

DC Universe

Speaking of the first season: for the first time since Outsiders began, this was the first instance of the original YJ lineup getting together for a mission. It’s great to hear the banter between all of them again, even when they’re on slightly rockier ground than before. Best of all, this episode gave Wally West back to us, even if it was just in a hallucination.

Yes, while still reeling from the effects of being stranded in the Ghost Dimension, Dick Grayson slips into a vision for the majority of a battle against the Female Furies and a group of Parademons. In this scene, he imagines Wally helping the team out, showing us a very fun action sequence featuring the gang in their original outfits and Jason Spisak slipping effortlessly back into the role of Kid Flash.

It’s a great sequence, if slightly nonsensical in some of its set pieces (the arcade bit was cute, though). But most importantly, it gives our team their sense of purpose and family back, proving to us that Wally always was (and will be) the heart of the team.

Meanwhile, the journey of Jefferson Pierce continues to be a difficult and important one. Most of his scenes are completely silent, showing him reflecting on his feelings of betrayal and rejection of the superhero life. However, if the final moments of this episode are to be believed, Jefferson may be one of the few characters in this show who truly finds a way to leave the life behind. Only time will tell, but this storyline was handled in such a beautifully subtle way. This show occasionally feels the need to over-explain things, so this was a pleasant change of pace, particularly for such a heavy story.

DC Universe

Terminus was an action-packed episode with lots of nods to the legacy of this series. It also features an ending that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. It’s unclear how or if our heroes will make it out of this one, but something tells me their salvation may come in the form of one of their oldest foes. We’ll find out in next week’s three-part finale! Till then, try to stay whelmed.

Outside Observations:

  • I will never grow tired of Dick’s love of wordplay. It makes me “feel the aster” every time.
  • Boy, this season had better not be building up to another tragic Conner/Megan breakup.
  • No, seriously — what was the deal with the two Grannys?

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