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Daredevil #10 review: Good intentions paved Daredevil’s Road to Hell as “No Devils, Only God” comes to a conclusion.

In this final part of Chip Zdarsky’s second arc on Daredevil, Matt Murdock finds himself dealing with love and enemies as things heat up in Hell’s Kitchen, Detective Cole finds truth in better the Daredevil you know than the one you don’t.

No doubt that you have been reading this current volume of Daredevil and if you haven’t then I highly recommend you go back and get the trade paperback of volume 1 or back issues before you jump into this issue.  In issue #9 we saw Matt Murdock face temptation and falter; so for the man who wants rules in his life he is doing pretty bad with following commandments.  That is one of the strong characteristics of Daredevil and why some people find themselves reading his adventures and Chip Zdarsky is channeling that struggle very nicely in this current volume.  So let us take a dive into this issue and see what happens. Warning: Spoilers for Daredevil #10 ahead.

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The best thing about this issue was the art, Jorge Fornes absolutely slayed when it came to these pages.  This art reminded me of David Mazzucchelli when he was the artist on Daredevil, especially with Born Again.  Major kudos to Jordie Bellaire on the colors as well; her color scheme choices really amplifies Jorge’s pencils.  The two of them made this issue intense and gritty with just the right amount of flair for the drama as well. 

Daredevil #10, Marvel Comics

The best part of this being a conclusion to the current arc is that it raises more questions than it actually answers.  We see the fallout from last issue with Matt and Mindy and how they went from one night of passion to it becoming regular.  Chip Zdarsky really does a great job here with Matt’s thoughts as they feel pretty honest.  Chip gets us to understand that it would be hard to resist being swept away by the flood of passion, but then the reality of it sinks in as Matt admits he isn’t looking at this as a relationship and him being a father figure to Mindy’s family.  So the tension is there when it comes to what will happen with their “romance” especially with the subplot of the bookstore fire and how it will affect Mindy and her family. 

Daredevil #10, Marvel Comics

I also want to mention that I enjoyed how Jorge and Jordie played with Matt’s radar sense; one of the best things about art teams on Daredevil is how they choose to interpret Matt’s powers.  So the tension doesn’t just stop at the bedroom of Matt Murdock it also bleeds over to the Police Department Headquarters.  I love how all the characters have come to this intersection point with their stories.  After Matt’s close call as Daredevil he is now just a Parole Officer, so he goes to visit his charge who has just been arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.  This charge also happens to be related to the person Daredevil accidentally killed in the first arc; so I’m sure there is more to that death then we were initially shown. 

Daredevil #10, Marvel Comics

Detective Cole is also at the Headquarters and he isn’t making any friends with his very strict by the books methods.  Other officers tried to make an example and they have attacked Cole, which did not get the message across, so this time they brutally attacked his partner.  Sadly the partner did not survive so the crime had to be pinned on someone…back to Matt’s charge.   That is quite the web that Zdarsky has weaved for these characters; especially when the drama comes to a head causing both Cole and Matt, in a makeshift costume, to take on the crooked cops. 

So how will Cole react to seeing this side of Daredevil?  That should hopefully be addressed in future issues and that has got my “buy in” for this series.  High tension and high stakes have made this quite the ride.  For this being Daredevil we haven’t seen much of the red tights, but the misadventures of Matt Murdock have kept me turning the pages.  Zdarsky has put us the reader in quite a spot…how will Matt’s love life and soul play out after his choices?  What will Mindy do now that she has seen how close her family can be?  Will Cole trust a man’s actions or will he stay with the law?  This is some great drama and I can’t wait for the next issue to hopefully peel back the layers for the resolution to some of these questions. 

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Daredevil #10
Is it good?
This conclusion stuck the landing and has made the entire run of 10 issues worth it. Daredevil may be the title, but the actions and adventures of Matt Murdock is what brings the fans back for more. High stakes and moral questions keep you guessing what will happen next.
The art team of Jorge Fornes & Jordie Bellaire bring the goods this issue
Chip Zdarsky continues to torment the soul of Matt Murdock and the character interactions are enticing
The conclusion to this arc is great and really adds to the overall story going on for this run

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