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Fearless #2 Review

This is a good mix of stories that offer humor, action, and mystery.

After the first issue, I was hooked on Fearless. This is an anthology series with one main story running through each issue and every creator involved is a woman, bringing a focus to the great female creators in the field. For more about the series, Karla Pacheco spoke to us on the AiPT! Comics Podcast this week

So what’s it about?

Read our preview.

Why does this matter?

Things are getting real at camp, the Night Nurse kicks butt, and Laura and Gabby must break out caged innocent folks. Three very different stories in this series deliver on drama, comedy, and social commentary. A wide variety of stories that are bound to capture your interest. 

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Ms. Marvel always seems to be juggling too much!
Credit: Marvel Comics

This issue opens with Seanan McGuire and Claire Roe’s main story picking up where it left off last issue. In it, we continue to learn more about the camp that has asked Captain Marvel, Storm, and Invisible Woman to speak as guests. This issue fleshes out Ms. Marvel’s role in the story and does a good job pushing the plot forward. Invisible Woman was telling Reed Richards last issue something was fishy about this and it begins to become clear she may have been right. McGuire focuses more on Ms. Marvel this issue and her handling of the character is spot on. Seeing as she’s the only hero of the bunch with a secret identity, McGuire plays around with that while the other three main characters are bonafide superheroes and wear it like a badge of honor. It’s a good juxtaposition and it helps flesh out why Ms. Marvel might have an edge on figuring what is really going on.

Pacheco and artist Iolanda Zanfardino (all the stories in this issue are colored by Rachelle Rosenberg) write the first of two one-shot tales where Night Nurse is the focus. Pacheco is very good at subtle humor which creeps up and surprises you. Seeing Vulture’s Tinder profile picture, for instance, will have you in stitches. Night Nurse is an empowering character who may not have powers, but does what she can when she can. She also has a steadfast rule of folks showing up with an appointment, which serves as a kind of catchphrase that’s used in the narrative. Pacheco pointed out it wasn’t intended to be a catchphrase on the podcast, though!

Don’t mess with Night Nurse!
Credit: Marvel Comics

Wrapping things up is an X-23 story by Eve Ewing and Alitha Martinez. This story is striking due to its pertinent and political minded story of innocent folks being stuck in cages. It further shows the two sisters and their push and pull as Gabby wants to save everyone and Laura is a little more focused on keeping them safe first. 

This issue also ends with the creator spotlights as they had in the first issue, focusing on Eve Ewing, Alitha E. Martinez, and Rachelle Rosenberg. These are fantastic short interviews that are inspiring, interesting, and help the reader get to know the creators.

It can’t be perfect, can it?

The X-23 story isn’t too far off from what Mariko Tamaki has been doing over the last few months which makes the story too familiar. It’s doing something we’ve seen over and over. 

My only other gripe is that the main story seems to be taking its time when it comes to conflict. So far we’re still setting things up for the eventual reveal of what the camp is all about and the threat at hand. It is a character-first sort of story, but without conflict it’s sort of twiddling its thumbs while we wait.

Is it good?

This is a good mix of stories that offer humor, action, and mystery. The variety of stories makes this an easy purchase since there’s bound to be something here you’ll love.

Fearless #2
Is it good?
This is a good mix of stories that offer humor, action, and mystery. The variety of stories makes this an easy purchase since there’s bound to be something here you’ll love.
The main story pushes the plot forward
Karla Pacheco's story is funny and empowering
Good spotlight section!
The main story is still looking for its conflict
The X-23 story is sort of the same old same old for these characters, although the message is quite good

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