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Robin makes a grave mistake in Batman #77

Robin makes a grave mistake in Batman #77.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

If you haven’t been following Tom King’s Batman you probably don’t know Bruce Wayne has been taken off the board. His father, from another world, is the new Batman and has taken over Gotham. Things aren’t looking good especially since this new Batman has Alfred kidnapped and has made it clear he will kill him if any of Batman’s sidekicks even enter Gotham.

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This issue is all about Damian Wayne aka Robin doing his best to take Gotham back. Early in the issue he takes out Gotham Girl with ease and later takes on his grandfather.

It seems to be going well until it isn’t. Robin is brutally knocked out and later wakes up to see…

A new kind of nightmare. If you’re familiar with Bane you’ll note he’s very good at breaking bones and backs. In this case it’s a different body part…

It looks like Alfred is dead. This is comics though, so maybe he’s just paralyzed? It’s unclear, but I recommend reading the whole issue to see what’s going on with Bruce, Scarecrow, and to get a little more context.

Needless to say this could be the end of Alfred, for good!


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