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Adventures in Movies!

Adventures in Movies! Episode 31: Back to School Edition

Some of our favorite back to school movies.

Summer is about to end and school is back! Danny, Blake, and Nathaniel discuss their favorite back to school movies. There is a whole lot of fun movies to discuss, so why does Nathaniel get so bothered?

Plus an introduction from X-Men legend Chris Claremont!

The guys attended the first ever New Mexico Comic Expo and share their thoughts on a very entertaining experience. The three talk Chris Claremont, Jason Mamoa, and the lack of X-Men merchandise.

It has been the year of Keanu Reeves. It may have been surprising to hear another Matrix movie is coming, but it certainly was not mind blowing. The three discuss whether they are interested in taking the red pill or the blue one.

The big news this week has been about Spider-Man’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All three have their own opinions about the future of Spidey and what they would do if they were in Sony’s shoes.

The guys did not have a chance to watch as much as they usually do, but they do have time to discuss they time Al Pacino was gay, cartoon butts, and weird ways to pass college.

The main segment is about back to school movies. Nathaniel watched two movies that lead to rants, Danny watched some all time classics, while Blake watched an underrated great.

You can listen to The on Spotify and ITunes. The Old Guy and The Kid can be found on ITunes and Spotify.

Adventures in Movies! is hosted by Nathaniel Muir, Blake, and Danny. You can find Nathaniel on Instagram at nathaninpoortaste. Danny can be found on Twitter @default_player and on Instagram at default_player. Blake can be found on Twitter @foureyedhorror and on Instagram at foureyedhorror. You can reach us personally or on Twitter @AiPTMovies.

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