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Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 release month confirmed

Begun the Clone War has.

San Diego Comic Con 2018 brought the incredibly exciting news that the cult-classic animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be returning for a seventh and final 12-episode season. And while fans were thrilled, they didn’t know how long they’d have to wait get their beloved series back on their televisions. Well, they do now.

Friday evening at Disney’s biennial D23 Expo fan-convention in Anaheim, California it was made official that the series would return in February 2020 on the Disney+ streaming service, which arrives on November 12. Fans can sign up for Disney+ at base cost of $6.99 a month or bundle it with Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99 a month.

The Clone Wars is a CGI animated series set between the events of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith that primarily follows the exploits of Anakin Skywalker, his Padawan learner Ahsoka Tano (a fan favorite) and Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as a number of Republic clone troopers fighting alongside them against the Separatists.

It kicked off with a theatrically released movie of the same name on August 15 in 2008, which was followed by 108 episodes across five seasons until 2013. The series was cancelled in 2013 following Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, but a 13-episode sixth season, dubbed “The Most Missions,” was released in 2014.

Returning with the series are voice actors Matt Lanter (Anakin), Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka), James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan), Tim Curry (Palpatine), Katee Sackhoff (Bo-Katan), Sam Witwer (Maul) and Dee Bradley Baker (Rex).

The Clone Wars final season will be alongside a slew of other Star Wars content on Disney+, including three live-action series: The Mandalorian, an untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi series starring Ewan McGregor and an untitled Cassian Andor series staring Diego Luna.


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