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‘Breaking Bad’ movie trailer and release date announced

‘El Camino’ is coming to Netflix.

Movie sequels to popular television series have become a welcome trend in Hollywood the past few years. Popular shows such as Serenity, Absolutely Fabulous, and Dora the Explorer have all seen their stories continue on the big screen. (This is not to mention television shows that have received the big screen treatment like Miami ViceMission: Impossible, and Jackass.) It seems like whenever a popular show ends its run, fans immediately begin to ask when the movie is coming out.

Breaking Bad is one of the most celebrated and popular shows in television history. It came as no surprise when fans of the show immediately began clamoring for a movie once the show was over.

Netflix answered the question for eagerly waiting fans with a trailer and some story details. The biggest surprise is the movie will be releasing in a few short months. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will tell the story of what happened to Jesse Pinkman after the series finale. Aaron Paul will be returning in to play the role of Jesse.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is scheduled to release October 11, 2019.


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