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Fallout 4: Vault Dweller cosplay by Galina Zhukovskaya

If you’re going to be stuck in the Vault, it might as well be with this Vault Dweller by rgtcandy.

Although her heels might not be the most fortuitous wardrobe choice if she decides to venture out into the wasteland, this pin-up style Vault Dweller cosplay by Galina Zhukovskaya AKA RGTCandy is so spot-on we have the sudden urge to crack open a nice, cold, refreshing bottle of Nuka-Cola.

Want to learn more about the backstory behind Fallout 4‘s Vault Dwellers? Check out this Fallout Lore: The Vault Dweller explanation video by ZombieCleo:

Check out more of RGTCandy on her YouTube channel.


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