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It looks like Overwatch is coming to Nintendo Switch

A major reveal hints at a incoming port.

BlizzCon may still be over a month away, but thanks to an unintended posting on Amazon today, fans more than likely got their first sneak peek at a major upcoming announcement.

Twitter user Wario64 alerted his followers to a new Amazon posting for an officially licensed Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch carrying case. The posting was quickly taken down once the tweet had garnered significant attention, but by that point the damage had been done.

See the photos via Wario64’s tweet below.

As you can see from the photograph of the product description below, the product is officially licensed by Nintendo and Blizzard.

Now why would Blizzard officially license an Overwatch themed carrying case for Nintendo Switch if the game wasn’t going to be ported? Pssst! They wouldn’t! This more or less confirms that Blizzard will be bringing their wildly popular FPS to the Switch. The only question now is whether or not they’ll wait until BlizzCon to announce it.

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