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Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Poe Dameron #1 Review

Poe Dameron gets a wake-up call about the New Republic.

There are a few absolute truths when it comes to entertainment these days. One is that superhero fatigue is not a thing. Another is that there will always be new Star Wars stories to tell. Case in point, Tom Taylor’s “Age of Resistance” one-shot stories. This week he offers two stories. One involves General Hux and the other Poe Dameron. First up, Poe Dameron who has had a long-ish series thanks to Charles Soule. 

So what’s it about?

Read the preview.

Why does this matter?

Get an inside look at Poe’s time as a pilot for the New Republic and also a few sightings of major Last Jedi characters too!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

They’re clearly tired of his passion!
Credit: Marvel Comics

This is a nice look at Poe’s time before joining the resistance. The New Republic is what sprouted up from the end of the Empire and it’s neat to see the Alliance symbol on the pilot’s jackets. As the story goes Poe is forced to chase down a ship that has stolen something from the New Republic. The chance involves some tight maneuvering and close calls which we all know Poe is great at evading. Taylor does a good job with Poe’s voice too which seems natural and suits the character.

The biggest takeaway fans of Poe and Star Wars will want to take from this is what this mission means. Taylor has essentially planted a seed that could logically lead us to believe this mission made him move on to the Resistance. There’s also a fun cliffhanger that fans of Last Jedi should enjoy which brings things full circle.

Ramon Rosanas draws a photorealistic looking Poe which jives well with the usual look Marvel goes for with Star Wars comics. There is a very clean style at work here that suits the scenes with ships and space backdrops. A subtle planet in the distance helps add scale and perspective too as needed. There are also colorful aliens–some of which will be very familiar–as well as good use of lighting in Poe’s helmet and other dramatic moments.

Nice space station.
Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect, can it?

Sadly there really isn’t much here. Poe is dying to fly at the start and soon is but for what seems like the wrong reasons. That’s fine, but much of the issue is reduced to a chase and not much more. There are fun sights to see and close calls that keep the action interesting enough, but there isn’t anything beyond the surface level to dig into we couldn’t have already gathered. The reveal at the end is cute, but again, it adds little. 

Is it good?

Read this story to get a little more Poe Dameron in your life, but beyond that don’t expect a whole lot. It’s a fun adventure but easily skipped.

Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Poe Dameron #1
Is it good?
Read this story to get a little more Poe Dameron in your life, but beyond that don't expect a whole lot. It’s a fun adventure but easily skipped.
Well drawn ships and Poe looks photorealistic
Potentially delivers a story that sets Poe's life in a new direction
Beyond the surface level this really only offers some fun spaceship action

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