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WoW Classic has its first level 60 player

‘How do you kill that which has no life?’

Fewer than four days after the release of WoW Classic, somebody has already hit max level (60) – a man from Malta who goes by the name JokerdTV on Twitch, playing a Gnome Mage. He accomplished the feat in Western Plaguelands just this afternoon.

Watch [Level 52+] FINAL PUSH TO 60 – WoW Classic Mage Leveling – Mograine EU – !leaderboard !played from JokerdTV on

Jokerd (his gnome’s name) hit level 60 before anybody in Method did, the world’s most successful and well-known professional World of Warcraft team. Score one for the little guys.

Congratulations to Jokerd on his insane accomplishment! Get some sleep.


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