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Ragnaros and Onyxia have already been defeated in WoW Classic

WoW Classic has been defeated less than a week after its release.

Players in a guild named APES have already downed World of Warcraft Classic’s first raid bosses, less than one week after the release of the game. They have now defeated the highest endgame content currently available in Classic.

APES have spent years playing vanilla WoW on so-called private servers, unsanctioned versions of the game of dubious legality, allowing them to optimize their approach to leveling and attunements. The raids were not full 40 man teams, and some of the members of the raid weren’t even yet level 60, showing just how much easier Classic raids are/were compared to what World of Warcraft evolved into.

Regardless, leveling to 60 and defeating WoW’s original raids within one week is an astonishing achievement. Congratulations to APES and everyone involved!


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