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Blizzard releases Realm list for WoW Classic free character transfers

Time to find a new and far less crowded home.

We reported yesterday that in an effort to reduce long queue times for players logging into World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard announced free character realm transfers would soon become available. It looks like when Blizzard said “soon” they meant it, as less than 24-hours after the previous announcement, new information on the upcoming service has become available — the realm list.

The official forum post from Blizzard is available below.

As we previously announced, free character moves will become available in this region very soon. When these free character moves open, player-characters at any level will be able to move:

From -> To

  • Arugal -> Felstriker
  • Faerlina -> Heartseeker (new realm)
  • Stalagg -> Heartseeker (new realm)
  • Herod -> Earthfury (new realm)
  • Skeram -> Earthfury (new realm)
  • Incendius -> Netherwind
  • Thalnos -> Netherwind
  • Fairbanks -> Arcanite Reaper (new realm)
  • Whitemane -> Arcanite Reaper (new realm)
  • Bigglesworth -> Anathema
  • Pagle -> Windseeker
  • Grobbulus -> Deviate Delight

For approximately one day, the new realms will be restricted to only those players using a free character move. After one day, any player may create new characters there. This is to allow players using the free character move service a better chance at retaining the name of the character they’re moving.

We will let you know when the new realms open and free character moves are enabled.

Thank you!

The response from the World of Warcraft community to WoW Classic has been incredible, with so many players returning to play “vanilla WoW” that every WoW Classic realm has been nearly full since launch day. Blizzard has added a number of new realms to ease the lengthy log-in queue times, but it hasn’t been enough to solve the high population problem many realms are dealing with. Thus the free character transfers.

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