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A new adversary emerges in ‘Justice League’ #31. Here’s where we last saw them.

Sometimes heroes become villains too.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

The latest adventures of the Justice League have set them against the Legion of Doom in a battle in the past, the future, and the edges of the universe. The Justice League have picked up new teammates like Kamandi and the Justice Society of America, but it appears a new enemy may just sour their plans thanks to who they are.

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In Justice League #31, out today, we see Hawkgirl, Mera and Starman are rushing to get to the edge of the universe to sway the Anti-Monitor to their side. With them is the Anti-Monitor’s brothers, World Forger and Monitor. Only together can they defeat their mother, Perpetua. Little do they know, the Anti-Monitor may not want to join them freely.

On the very last page, we cut to the end of the universe.

We see Anti-Monitor is talking to someone. Someone that he sent into another time to fight for him. Who can it be?

It’s Aquaman! Considering what Anti-Monitor is saying, it sounds like Aquaman is going to try to stop the heroes from even getting a chance to talk Anti-Monitor into joining them. You might be wondering why Aquaman is at the end of the universe.

Last we saw him (not counting Kelly Sue DeConnick’s great series) was in Aquaman/Justice League: Drowned Earth #1. At the end of that issue, it was up to Aquaman to save Earth.

Aquaman threw himself into a Death Kraken to use his life force to kill it.

The captions tell us Aquaman is headed to new and uncharted lands. Maybe “lands” could also mean space? Of all the heroes though, Wonder Woman knew Aquaman was going to come back.

And now he is! So what is Aquaman trying to protect? Why does he do the bidding of the Anti-Monitor? Can he join forces with the Justice League to push back the Legion of Doom from destroying the universe? We’ll have to keep reading Justice League to find out!

You can purchase Justice League #31 right now on Amazon.

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