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A new Flash ally is changed forever in The Flash #78

Another one bites the dust.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

Flash has plenty of friends and fellow speedsters around him and in the latest story arc, he’s trying to do better as a friend and mentor. Recently he befriended a new character named Psyche. He is a mysterious character who is an avatar of the Sage Force. His power is an opposite force to Flash’s, but he’s still on his side.

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He says as much in issue #78 when they fight Steadfast.

With this powerful new ally who can slow down time, Flash has quite a powerful hero to aid him. That is…unless you read the entire issue.

As the story pushes forward, the Black Flash appears. We learn in this issue it is said when life is coming to its end a spirit comes to collect them. At first you might think it’s after Flash, but it races ahead of him.

Psyche senses him, but his powers to slow down time don’t seem to have much effect and…

Psyche is dead! Just when Flash thought he had a powerful new ally, Black¬†Flash snatched him away! There’s no telling who might be next in Black Flash’s grasp, but we can only hope it’s not Barry Allen!

This is only a piece of the story though and I recommend you read the whole issue to get the full picture.

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