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Reaver #3 review

The group travels to unfamiliar territory where they must retrieve paperwork…and a man’s head.

As the old saying goes there’s honor amongst thieves–at least most of them. Writer Justin Jordan and artist Rebekah Isaacs’s suicide mission continues as our band of prisoners turned heroes travels into an Escalene Outpost. (Unfamiliar territory where they might get killed) Will their journey hit an unexpected bump in the road?

The Writing

When I first started reading Reaver, I found it to be a wildly entertaining comic that combined great elements of humor, perfectly timed action, and incredible artwork. But this book has exceeded my expectations beyond measure. It truly has the potential and capability of becoming as great as Game of Thrones (with a way better ending). Jordan continues to write a well-plotted out story that throws in a few curveballs where you least expect them.

While the first issue did a tremendous job of introducing us to the characters, and the second gave us our first glimpse of the team working together. The third book looks to take an Ocean’s Eleven approach. Here, the team must take strategic steps to retrieve items that will aid them in entering their perhaps final destination, The Anvil. All they have to do is bring the head of an Escalene intelligence officer and swipe some Escalene paperwork. (Piece of cake, right?) Things don’t go according to plan leaving some of our zany characters to improvise in exchange giving the reader a comical adventure that only the creative mind of Jordan could conjure up.

The Characters

Jordan bread crumbs some noteworthy moments in Reaver #3, including a possible blossoming romance between Ash and Rekala. It’s been kind of hinted at subtly since the first issue but in this book Ash shows signs of emotions as he tells Rekala to be careful as she runs into battle. Besides that Ash and Eddos are teamed together to obtain the head of an escalene officer where we start to see Eddo’s true colors. In the last issue, he lied telling everyone he killed a prisoner that he, in fact, let go with his own agenda in mind. It’s obvious that he’s a traitor among his group but Jordan does an excellent job of leaving us guessing who he’s really aligned with.

The Artwork

Rebekah Isaac’s illustrations get better with each book. What I love most about her art is how she has given each character their own unique look, personality, and emotional quirks. Each page stands out on its own giving it the artistic flair that makes this series so enjoyable to read. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for readers once the group reaches the Anvil.

Final Word

Reaver #3 is a fantastic issue that really does an excellent job of setting up events we’ll see unravel down the line. Jordan and Isaac make a great team and it shows in their work. Hopefully, in the next issue, we’ll see the Devil’s son in action as he didn’t have much activity in this book. If you’re looking for a new series to read and you love stories like Conan the Barbarian and Vikings, you’ll definitely want to check this comic out. Grab yours today on digital or at your nearest comic shop.

Reaver #3
Is it good?
Reaver #3 is a wildly entertaining ride. Jordan and Isaac continue to tell a solid focused story with some humor mixed in at the right moments.
Isaac Artwork Rocks!
Solid Storyline that remains focused on where the plot is going
Great Humor
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