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King K. Rool cosplay by Angelicomics

Pesky primates better steer clear of this impressive King K. Rool cosplay.

The anthropomorphic crocodile king of the Kremlings and main antagonist of the Donkey Kong video game franchise comes to life courtesy of cosplaying couple Christopher and Mandilyn Kouse, who premiered this impressive design at DragonCon 2019.

Some insight into the creative process, courtesy of Chris and Mandilyn: “The head was sculpted from Expanding foam, Big Gap Filler, and the body was completely covered in crushed velvet. The belly and body was created from a custom rig that went around my body and had a one-inch layer of cushion foam for plenty of reflective counter attacks. Also, the crown is held on by a magnet so it can be removed and thrown, and it will allow me to change the crown out for the pirate hat when I go to make the alternative costumes.”

Amazing job, Angelicomics.

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