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Til death do us part: A look at the best movie wives

In honor of Wife Appreciation Day.

Wife Appreciation Day was this weekend. Or last weekend. Or maybe it is today. I actually forgot and in order to recognize the day (truthfully, it is for content; I appreciate my wife everyday), I compiled a list of some of the best wives in movie history. Some did it behind the scenes while others were a little less subtle, but all of the women below made their husbands better men.

Helen Wick (John Wick)

John Wick is a stoic killer who was so good at his job because he did not care much for his own life. Until he met Helen. The joke about John Wick is he has killed hundreds of people over a dead puppy. The truth is, that dog is a symbol of what John can be. A tender and loving person who hates what he so great at. Without Helen, he is just another unstoppable bad ass we have no reason to care about. Helen turns him into just another husband and in the process, makes the character more endearing.

Queen Gorgo (300)

This is a tough one. On the one hand, Gorgo gave in to a traitor’s sexual demands. On the other, once Theron’s treachery was discovered, Gorgo killed him and revealed his true allegiance. She is very politically involved and throughout 300 proves she is just as shrewd as any other politician. She loves her husband and Sparta and is one of the most memorable characters from the movie.

Pam Byrnes-Focker (Meet the Parents)

Jack Byrnes is the father in law from hell. He is overbearing, judgmental, and quite possibly, a little psychotic. That being said, Greg does not make things easy for Pam. He breaks her sister’s nose, burns her wedding altar, and tells everyone about the surprise honeymoon she is getting from her father. Despite it all, Pam defends Greg. She stands up to her dad, tries to fix her husband’s mistakes, and is still strong enough to not fall for Owen Wilson’s charms.

Mallory Knox (Natural Born Killers)

Before the term “ride or die” became popular to describe someone who would stay by their partner’s side no matter what, Natural Born Killers introduced the world to the ultimate ride or die chick. After Mickey rescues Mallory from her abusive household, the two are equals that will do anything for each other. When the two get captured after their horrific killing spree, they are separated in solitary confinement. They are forced to spend a year apart before spectacularly escaping from prison. It is a hard life, but the movie ends with the two still happily together and obviously in love.

June Carter Cash (Walk the Line)

Any relationship can make it through the good times. It takes something special to survive the bad ones. Walk the Line is a great story about the hardships June Carter Cash had to deal with before she finally married Johnny Cash. What makes June so great is how she never rushes into anything and is always in control. She declines Johnny’s initial amorous advances. She helps him get clean and turns down his initial marriage proposals. She strengthened their relationship and guided a music legend through one of the toughest periods in his life.

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