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A Knight’s Quest brings Zelda-like action to consoles later this year

Look for Rusty to get into action when this adventure debuts later this year!

For those of you seeking out an old-school style Legend of Zelda-esque adventure, Sky 9 Games and Curve Digital may just have what you need with A Knight’s Quest.

The teams announced the game will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, set to sell for $24.99. An exact release date wasn’t given, but it’s expected sometime this fall.

“Daring, debonair, and just a little bit daft, Rusty is a kind-hearted, but clumsy adventurer who accidentally starts a chain of events which threaten to destroy his world. In order to right his wrong, he’ll need to solve mind-bending conundrums, fight challenging enemies, defeat huge bosses and platform his way through a fantastic open world in this lavish take on classic action adventure games,” the company noted in its press release.

“Despite its 30-hour play time, A Knight’s Quest never feels bloated. Many modern adventure games introduce all kinds of additional systems – ones which can often become fussy when players expect finesse. But A Knight’s Quest is an action adventure pure and simple. Combat is fast and fluid, and platforming a dream, with Rusty’s repertoire of acrobatic moves effortless to pull off.  Playing the hero has never felt so rewarding.”

The trailer for the game can be found below. Does this look like something that might just be your speed, Zelda fans…?


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