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IDW announces, The Kill Lock, creator owned series by Livio Ramondelli

The six-issue miniseries arrives this December.

Our friends over at Newsarama broke the news today on a new creator owned series coming out of IDW — The Kill Lock — from veteran Transformers artist, Livio Ramondelli. The six-issue sci-fi action miniseries arrives this December.

IDW’s synopsis reads:

Each found guilty of an irredeemable crime, four robots find themselves banished from their home world and bound together by the Kill Lock – a programming link that means if one of them dies, they all will. Now a soldier, an addict, a murderer, and a child find themselves forced to protect each other while in search of a cure to survive.

“The Kill Lock deals with this concept of putting different characters from different levels of society together and force them to care about one another,” said Ramondelli in a statement to Newsarama. “I was interested in the notion of, if you took a very kind of moral soldier and you paired him with a kind of psychopath, how would their dynamic be?”

“This was a series that I worked on for the last three years or so, kind of quietly; I only showed a couple friends while I was working on Transformers and a couple of other things, and it’s been really rewarding to work on,” Ramondelli continues. “It’s the first original idea that I wrote and drew and I’m very thankful that it’s going to have a home at IDW.”



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