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EC3 once again captures the WWE 24/7 championship

Do we have a new champion?

EC3 has captured another WWE title! That’s an exciting headline right? You’re excited for the obsessively groomed and morally bankrupt adonis aren’t you?

Well hold on. Take a look for yourself below.

Even though EC3 has the money and the looks, he doesn’t appear to have WWE’s creative department behind him, or the 24/7 championship for that matter. Unfortunately, while the former Impact star did capture a WWE championship title last night, it wasn’t slated to last.

Shortly after EC3 claimed victory over R-Truth, Chad Gable emerged from his post-King of the Ring finals depression to help his friend R-Truth recapture his beloved 24/7 championship.

The 24/7 Championship has become synonymous with R-Truth and anytime another wrestler, mayor, or professional basketball player manages to steal it away from our favorite “What’s up?” chanting superstar, we all know that the title will soon be back in his hands.

Thus, poor EC3 finds himself yet again without a title and without anything that would indicate a push is on the horizon. Perhaps with NXT adding another hour and going live on Wednesday nights, there’s room on the roster for EC3 to return and get some much deserved TV time. Regardless of where he lands, WWE needs to put him somewhere. Don’t they?


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