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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 introduces Blade, Moon Knight, Punisher and Morbius in Curse of the Vampire DLC

Tonight’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 “Curse of the Vampire” update sees the introduction of 4 new characters and a Gauntlet mode.

Just in time for the Halloween season, Nintendo and Team Ninja are rolling out their “Curse of the Vampire” DLC update on Monday, September 30th. The expansion pack will feature four brand-new characters of Marvel Knights fame: Blade, Moon Knight, Punisher and Morbius. Check out the official in-game renders for the four characters courtesy of Marvel Games VP and Creative Director Bill Rosemann’s Twitter:

In addition to these four new characters, the “Curse of the Vampire” DLC update will include an as-of-yet-unexplained Gauntlet mode, which will ostensibly put our favorite MUA3 heroes through a series of consecutive in-game challenges via online cooperative play.

Update: The new “Curse of the Vampire” DLC has gone live!

In addition to the aforementioned new features, the DLC also offers a whole new Alliance Enhancement Point hexagon, a new level cap of 150, a new Nightmare mode, a new S.H.I.E.L.D. depot menu where S.H.I.E.L.D. tokens can be turned in for new items and voice lines and an option to change your characters’ voice lines.

To access the new content, hit the + button from your Nintendo Switch main menu to open the Options and then select “Software Update” -> “Download via internet” as the DLC may not download automatically for everyone.

Which new hero are you most looking forward to in the “Curse of the Vampire” DLC update? Will Morbius crave plasma from Felicia Hardy? More updates as the patch goes live.

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