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Movies from Fantastic Fest you shouldn’t overlook

Don’t miss out on these movies.

Fantastic Fest had a number of must-see movies. Films like Dolemite is My Name will be shown on Netfilx while others like Jojo Rabbit will receive a nationwide release. Then there are the movies that may be a little harder to find. Here are the best movies from Fantastic Fest that may not play in your local movie theater but you absolutely should not miss.

Color Out of Space

Director Richard Stanley returns to feature films with a wonderful adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft short story. Nicholas Cage will get the bulk of the attention, but the entire cast does a magnificent job. The movie is filled with color and looks stunning. The are also some great special effects leading to some of the most disgusting film moments of the year. It is the best dichotomy of beauty and ugliness that will be seen this year.

The Mortuary Collection

There are plenty of horror anthologies out there. Most of them are decent and some are even pretty good. The Mortuary Collection is a great horror anthology. Using a clever mix of campfire storytelling with grown up gore effects, the movie is an homage to all that is great about the genre. Creative storytelling and some excellent special effects make each tale very watchable. The wraparound story and strong themes are the cherry on top.

Nail in the Coffin: The Fall and Rise of Vampiro

Professional wrestling documentaries can be a hard sell for non fans. Along with the focus on the sport they do not care for, they can be a little too inside. Nail in the Coffin is different. A story about a father and his relationship with his daughter, the documentary will interest fans and non fans alike. The wrestling sections are just as entertaining. This is easily one of the best wrestling documentaries in years.


A dark comedy that will catch audiences by surprise, Homewrecker was one of the most delightful movies of Fantastic Fest. A strong story that continually surprises audiences, the film is carried by its two leads. A mix of slapstick and one liners, the comedy will keep the laughs coming. Precious Chong is amazing and provided one of the standout moments of the entire film festival.

Tammy and the T-Rex

Ok, this is is kind of a cheat. Starring Denise Richards and the late Paul Walker, this 1994 release has to be seen to be believed. The synopsis of the film tells interested parties everything they need to know. After nearly being mauled to death by lions, the brain of a high school student is implanted in the body of a robotic T-Rex. As amazing as it sounds.


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