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The Justice League got a whole lot more futuristic in ‘Justice League’ #33

The Justice League are going beyond!

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more read our review.

If you haven’t been reading Justice Leauge lately you probably don’t know the story is changing what we know about the DCU in more ways than one. In the latest story arc (written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV) “Justice/Doom War” is in full effect; an ancient god known as Perpetua was awakened by Lex Luthor and the heroes have split up between the past, present, and future. It’s high stakes and huge in scope superhero storytelling!

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In Justice League #33, out today, the heroes are outnumbered and outgunned in every timeline. The heroes in the future may be the most in danger and that’s counting the strongest of the Justice League with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in the literal clutches of Brainiac.

They recently teamed up with Kamandi though and he gets an idea even though the heroes are falling like flies.

A “matter of time” indeed. In the second to last page, we see Kamandi speaking to unknown characters…

and before Kamandi we see a brand new set of Justice League members that’ll be joining the team.

This is a rather huge development since we’ve never seen these fan-favorite characters interact with the main Justice League (likely to happen as the story progresses). For those unaware this appears to be the Justice League Beyond and the characters on page from left are, Big Barda, Superman (and Micron on his shoulder), Batman Beyond, Hawkman (or is it Warhawk?), Green Lantern, and Aquagirl.

This is only a tiny piece of the story though and I highly recommend you read Justice League #33 today.



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