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NYCC 2019: A look at Marvel’s ‘Next Big Things’

Some of the biggest announcements from Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing panel at New York Comic Con 2019!

War of the Realms! Absolute Carnage! Acts of Evil! House of X! Powers of X! 2019’s been a busy year for the House of Ideas and, true to its reputation, Marvel’s got plenty more planned for fans of Spider-Man, Venom, the Hulk, Iron Man and the publisher’s other iconic heroes and villains.

At New York Comic Con 2019’s Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing panel, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski joined writers Donny Cates, Al Ewing, Dan Slott and artist Nic Klein to go over what comes next.

After a quick video that asked current Marvel creators which side they’re on–New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox (SPOILERS: Yankees won 5-0)–C.B. jumped into teasing Incoming! This 80-page giant, coming out in the final week of 2019, will be Marvel’s Christmas present to readers–recapping developments from 2019 and teasing the future. In addition, this comic will finally answer questions that have been in the Marvel Universe for 50 years.

Ewing and Slott will write the main story, but expect creators like Jonathan Hickman and Donny Cates to deliver all-new X-Men and Venom stories, respectively. Ewing will also provide a story that sees Joe Fixit on the psychologist’s couch.

Ewing went on to share that Incoming! is a locked-room mystery featuring the Masked Raider investigating a mysterious murder. Who’s murdered? Not sure yet, but Slott said it’s a character we’ve seen before in Marvel Comics.

Speaking of Ewing, Cates announced that he will indeed be leaving Guardians of the Galaxy at #12–and the series will end, after exploring how Rocket Raccoon’s enhancements finally do him in. Don’t worry, Cates promises his Guardians ending will be “brutal and pretty hardcore.” But fear not, Guardians fans–the acclaimed writer of Immortal Hulk will relaunch the series with an all-new #1 in January 2020, featuring art from Juann Cabal!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

According to Ewing, this new series will be all about universe building, with Ewing basically “taking over space.”

The full cast of Ewing’s Guardians comic is yet to be revealed, but the writer did mention Marvel Boy, Moondragon and Nova (the Richard Ryder version). Oh, and no promises that’s the same Rocket we all know and love.

For more on the Guardians relaunch, check out these details straight from Marvel.

As teased in the lead-up to NYCC, Dan Slott’s Tony Stark saga is indeed coming to an end. “Is Tony dead? Has he been dead the whole time?” Slott asked. Either way, Slott is very excited to fulfill a promise made to Marvel fans in the ’80s: It’s going to be the year 2020 and we’re getting an Iron Man 2020. The series will be co-written by Christos Gage and feature art by Pete Woods, who Slott has been trying to get over to Marvel for a long time.

Before the panel ended, C.B. had one more major announcement for fans: Cates is launching a new Thor series, with art by Nic Klein. According to Cates, every issue will be an event that keeps ramping up with every new installment.

For more on Cates and Klein’s Thor, check out these details straight from Marvel.


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