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G. Willow Wilson and Nick Robles taking over DC’s The Dreaming

G. Willow Wilson’s dream of joining the Sandman Universe has been realized.

G. Willow Wilson and artist Nick Robles are taking over DC’s The Dreaming title starting with issue #19 in early 2020. The surprise announcement came Saturday evening during DC’s House of Horror panel at New York Comic Con.

Prior to Wilson being announced as the new writer, Si Spurrier was discussing leaving The Dreaming after 18 issues.

“I’d be hearth broken if I wasn’t handing it off to someone who’s more than capable of enhancing and enriching this book that I love,” said Spurrier.

To which DC Executive Editor Mark Doyle teased, “Well maybe we should introduce to everyone the writer that’s taking over?” After which Doyle announced Wilson and Robles as the new creative team, to a huge applause from the fans in attendance.

“When your editor texts you and says I have Neil Gaiman here and we’d like to talk to you, are you free? There’s only one right answer,” said Wilson during DC’s House of Horrors panel at New York Comic Con. “I faced time with Neil Gaiman! I walked outside and looked at the mountains in a daze, yes there’s mountains in Colorado, I know. Anyway, that’s the back story here, mountains. Because the very first time I read Sandman was in high school in Colorado. I stayed up too late, walked outside in the morning and saw the same type of mountains. I guess it’s fate.”

“Shakespeare multiverse,” continue Wilson. “It’s new. It’s reader friendly. I don’t want to say too much. It’s going to be so good and I can’t wait.”

Wilson’s run on The Dreaming begins with issue #19 in early 2020.

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