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NYCC 2019: C.B. Cebulski promises more Chris Claremont stories at Marvel in 2020

Listen up, fans of Chris Claremont’s writing!

The Marvel Fanfare panel at New York Comic Con 2019 featuring C.B. Cebulski and Chris Claremont just wrapped and perhaps the biggest news (or tease) came during the Q&A segment at the very end.

A fan asked if there was any truth to Claremont and longtime collaborator Salvador Larroca joining forces again for an all-new Marvel series (a new X-Men comic, perhaps?).

Cebulski jumped in, saying talks are underway. Not much to decipher there, but the Marvel Editor-in-Chief did confirm, “You will be seeing more of Chris Claremont’s writing at Marvel next year.” This, of course, was met with applause. Claremont added later in the Q&A, on another topic, that he’s “not done yet.” That, too, was met with applause.

Diehard Claremont fans who are clamoring for more of the legendary writer’s X-Work should know, however, that he hasn’t been keeping up with Jonathan Hickman’s radical revamp of Marvel’s mutants. “I actually don’t read any writer writing the X-Men,” he said, adding that he has his own vision for the characters. Claremont did add that he will read the current comics if he needs to know about them for whatever related series he’s writing at the time.

So, if Claremont is indeed writing a new X-Series, he’ll have quite a bit of reading to do to catch up!

Keep up with AiPT! through the weekend for the latest news from NYCC 2019!


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